Based on a lifetime of working with stone, Flagstone Restoration is a small, craft based company that specialises in restoring original, in-situ flagstone floors to their former glory. We work with Blue Lias, Welsh Pennant, Hamstone and Purbeck on a regular basis.

Flagstones were referred to as “the lungs of the house” regulating the moisture content of the ground floor and walls, enabling the building to breath as a cohesive whole. Our aim is to strip back the many years of ingrained dirt, grime and contaminates, opening up the pores of the stones, breathing new life into the sub-structure of the building. As a result, not only does the floor breathe as intended, it helps to remove any damp odour, often associated with older buildings.

Much more than a cleaning service, our company provides a full restoration service for any natural stone floor. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, drawing from many years in the conservation of stone. Using dustless technology, we have a number of mechanical options at our disposal, cutting down on time and cost to the client.

The old pointing is always removed and replaced with a lime putty based mix, ensuring maximum breathability. We use our blended “Somerset Mix” for the majority of Blue Lias floors, which has been toned down to be easy on the eye.

Open Joints

We remove any material between the joints, helping the stones breathe again


All delamination, usually caused by inappropriate coverings, is removed to a solid state.


Using dustless technology, we “wipe” away the layers of ingrained dirt to expose the natural beauty of your original flagstone floor

Natural Oils

After deep cleaning, the stones are impregnated with a blend of natural oils to bring out the hidden colours and shell patterns – this is the most satisfying part of the process.

Lime Pointing

The joints are repointed with a lime putty blend which is toned to take the “newness” off.


We finish with a light misting of natural beeswax to enhance the lustre in the stones, making it easier to keep your flagstone floor looking its best.

Once the stones have been stripped back, we bring the lustre back with nourishing oils. Before handing back to the client we finish the process with a misting of natural bees wax, forming a breathable crust on the surface. Only natural products are used, making sure that when the work is complete the floor is handed back in tip-top condition.

All newly restored flagstone floors come with a three month maintenance warranty for peace of mind. In practice, what this means is that if any pointing should crack, or any patch need a re-touch with oil, we will come back at a mutually convenient time to rectify at no extra cost.