Q. Will you need to visit?

A. A visit is not always required. If you are able to send a couple of low resolution images, with dimensions of the room/s (in metres), a costing can be sent by return email.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. The average flagstone restoration (15-20 square metres) takes approximately 4 – 5 days to complete.

Q. How dusty is the process?

A. We use dustless technology during the restoration to keep dust to a minimum, but as a matter of course we wrap all cupboards, units and doors in polythene before commencing work. Everything is cleaned up on a daily basis and handed back clean at the end of the job.

Q. Preparation prior to start?

A. It would be useful if all furniture, pictures, electrical appliances and ornaments are removed prior to the start of the flagstone restoration. Any large, heavy or awkward objects can be left for our operatives to move on day one.

Q. Can we access the room during the restoration?

A. Access is fairly restricted for the first two days, although we are happy to make a room available on a daily basis. Once the final beeswax has been applied the flagstone floor is fully operational.

Q. Maintenance – How often will I need to treat my flagstone floor?

A. Once you have had your flagstone floor fully restored, no further treatment is required. Moreover, daily traffic will enhance the general patina of the stones.

Q. Aftercare – How do I clean a fully restored flagstone floor?

A. Your fully restored flagstone floor will now require a minimum of effort to clean. Simply use a soft broom or hover to remove fine debris and mop with warm water – we recommend no detergents are used as they may cause the premature breakdown of natural beeswax.